It has already happened.

Your member or insured has enlisted the services of a provider that is not in your network. Your charges are way above industry standards. What should be your next step?

One simple answer: Send the claim to A&S.

A&S has developed a system to maximize savings on non-network claims. If a network provides a discount that will offset the additional costs of those who travel, have an emergency, or don't have adequate access to in-network providers.

Here is the advantage ... A&S doesn't make a penny unless you save! All of our fees are on a contingency: No savings, no FEES!

A&S, nationally, discounts over 80% of out of network claims, yet has potential to reprice 100%. You are almost GUARANTEED savings on your claims. What do you have to lose?

A&S has a system that will seek to maximize your savings. If a network discount is weak, we may choose to review claims that have questionable billing. Our expert negotiation staff will provide further assistance in maximizing savings based on their coding knowledge, access to Medicare and UCR schedules, as well as databases that provide information about average drug and implant costs. Plus, A&S has special programs related to Dialysis which average savings upward of 85%

Let A&S utilize 35 years of experience to provide you with the maximum savings possible for your non-network claims. Call 1(800)633-9355 to start saving.

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