Medical claims get denied for many reasons.

Regardless of the reason for denial, one result is constant; the patient always suffers. From becoming the target of collections, to ruining their credit, the patient pays and pays, for the denial.

A&S has a product specifically designed to assist the consumer minimize their cost, protect their credit history, and settle with the provider quickly to eliminate headaches.

A&S Advocacy Program (ASAP) works with the providers of services denied to:

  • Reduce the cost of the services by applying established review methods to identify excesses in bill and direct negotiations with the provider to reduce bill with a "sign off".
  • Manage process in a way that relieves patient from stress involved with discussing clinical and billing disputes with a provider while providing an accelerated resolution guarantee. What do you have to do for the enrollees to enjoy this service?

Insert the printable card from our website with the claim denial, or notify the enrollee having the claim denied and pass along our 800 number. A&S will handle the rest at no cost to you.

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