Why should you accept a 5% discount on claim
when you are already being overcharged 70%?

It is important for our clients to understand that PPO Discounts, while effective in most instances, do not take into consideration the significant upcoding and billing of multiple, additional codes which negate many PPO discounts provided. Standard Provider contracts limit the Fund's ability to save additional moneys in many instances, especially on large in-patient claims and outpatient surgical facility's claims.

A&S will provide you with Outpatient facility bill repricing using a global CPT approach, only after review of the actual operative or procedural report by the appropriate physician specialist. A&S is averaging over 60% saving on Outpatient Surgical Reviews!

Inpatient claims are reviewed by line item analysis and repricing of procedural, HCPCS and drug items as well as more challenging non-codable line items which may comprise significant portions of an inpatient bill. A&S is averaging over 50% savings on Inpatient Hospital Bill Reviews!

Allow A&S to do an initial review of your larger claims with no obligation! If the bill is worthy of a Review, and there is potential for savings, we will tell you how much savings we anticipate and allow you to decide on a claim by claim basis.

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